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Home Liberation Book Club

We are often asked for reading tips… so here are a few of our favourites. We will add more regularly so check back for additions!

If Women Counted: A New Feminist Economics

by Marilyn Waring
Groundbreaking feminist economist Waring examines how the formal economy systematically devalues the work done at home, traditionally by women, as well as the environment. Her insights bring much of our messy modern world into focus, and will leave you enlightened and furious. Consider this the founding document of Home Liberation!

Small is Beautiful: A Study of Economics as if People Mattered

by E. E. Schumacher
This hugely influential book turned economics in its head in the 1970s, challenging the belief that endless growth is good. Schumacher takes on sustainability, the GDP and materialism, positing that “the aim ought to be to obtain the maximum amount of well being with the minimum amount of consumption.”

Course Materials

Home Liberation hosted a free six-week course, Understanding Your Home, with Melbourne Free University in early 2015.

Change starts at home, but we are ignorant of the home’s deep psychological and cultural roots. This course took a closer look at this theory, helping you understand how even small changes to your home can have significant impact.

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What does the home mean for us, what aspects are universal or a construct of our modern Western culture, and why is this so important?

Guest Lara Week (WebsiteLinkedIn) discusses her artistic sharehouse in Footscray, and how opening up the home to others can change its role and value.

19 March 2015


How has the home changed throughout history – has it always been like it is today? What do these changes have to say about the times we live in, our cultures and ourselves?

Guest Morayo Adeyemi (LinkedIn) discusses memories of her childhood home in Lagos, Nigeria, and what we can learn from these experiences.

26 March 2015

Apologies for the poor quality of this file!

Why are we so obsessed with stuff? What can our possessions tell us about ourselves and our cultures, and how do these objects shape our moods and emotions?

Guest Farida Fleming (WebsiteLinkedIn) discusses her favourite things in her home, and how they reflect her and continue to shape and challenge her.

2 April 2015

The work we do at home is severely undervalued in our economy.

McDonald’s boosts the GDP, but home cooking does not. A CEO can earn millions, but parents aren’t paid. Can we learn to see value where economists do not, and to use this to our advantage?

Guest Lucinda Hartley (WebsiteLinkedIn) discusses the relationships between public and private, home and business, that make dense urban living possible.

9 April 2015

In the midst of massive environmental, economic and technological change, what’s in store for our homes? Which of these trends can change our homes and societies for the better?

Guest Katie Wallace (LinkedIn) discusses her experiment with unplugged minimalist living and the sharing economy, and how that’s shaped her life and her attitude towards home.

16 April 2015

These seven tools – some very easy, some more advanced – will help you identify trouble spots in your home and home life, and experiment with changes.

Armed with knowledge about the psychological, cultural and economic power that lies behind our front door, what changes can we make at home to live happier, freer lives in a more sustainable world?

23 April 2015



Various interviews and old lectures that we dusted off for the occasion.

David Spoke to 3RRR’s Hullaballoo about Understanding your Home, and the critical role the home plays in our cultures, our understandings of ourselves, and how even small changes to our homes can have wide-reaching impact.

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