Home Liberation: Change Starts at Home

Welcome to Home Liberation! It’s like therapy, for your home.

This is a project of David Week, soon to be a book… and maybe a movement.

What to expect

We’ll be sharing tools, tips and inspiration for liberating your own home, and a bit of the theory behind why – and how – the home has such a pervasive impact on our lives and societies.

After all, how can we expect to create a peaceful, equal, sustainable world until we’ve achieved peace, equality and sustainability in our own homes?

You’ll also get exclusive excerpts from the book and first notifications of events.

You are invited to share, debate and encourage in the comments, and on the Home Liberation Facebook page. By learning from each other, and sharing our discoveries, you can liberate your home from its old hangups and live a life you want.

It’s like therapy, for your home.

Our homes and private lives are under attack every day from sophisticated forces. Because the unpaid work done in the home is not recognised in the formal economy, it’s easy for businesses to push things off their balance sheet – and onto ours.

In order for society to function normally, the home should nurture the three Rs: relationships, restoration and reproduction. These might look different to different people, whether they want their home to be a site of love or hermitage, creative excitement or zen calm.

However, these are under attack from the three Ss: stuff, stress and outSourcing (when companies make us do their work, like Ikea).

Learning to spot these imbalances, and correct them, is the heart of Home Liberation.

Welcome home!

Image credit: Flickr user florianplag

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